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    Does anyone in Jakarta viewing this forum know a) what the IM3 network and MMS settings are for Treo 600 b) how to activate the SIM for GPRS? I'm sick of all the problems I get with Telkomsel.
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    IM3 using GSM 1800, and since the parent company (Indosat) plan to combine both of IM3 and Satelindo network, sometimes you can use the IM3 network and Satelindo (Indosat, Matrix) too.
    to activate the gprs, send OTA request to 3939
    since I think the database doesn't have treo for OTA setting, just use nokia to activate it. (send sms message contain NOKIA 7650 3939).

    for gprs setting
    login: gprs
    password: im3

    and for MMS setting
    mms gateway:
    mmsc url:
    mmsc port number: 9201
    for network setting in mms
    user name: mms
    password: im3

    good luck!
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    Thanks for that information. It seems to work like a charm

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