I am using a Treo 600 with the latest Silverscreen build. I am able to successfully move applications to my Sandisk 512 Ultra II SD Card. I have no problem using the applications when they are moved to the card.

The problem occurs when I exit Silverscreen to go to the default Treo launcher. When I come back to Silverscreen the applications that reside on my external card no longer appear anywhere in the Silverscreen menu.

To restore the menu I must once again exit to the default launcher, copy the applications back to the Treo Ram, delete the applications from the external card, enter Silverscreen again and then move the applications back to the external card so they will appear in the Silverscreen menu while residing on the external card.

Is any one else experiencing this loss of menu applications upon exiting Silverscreen? I would like to know if this is a bug in the Silverscreen application or something on my end. If someone with Silverscreen and an SD card wouldn't mind running a test I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks.