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    Hello all,

    I just bought a BRAND NEW TREO 600. Immediately found screen defect
    ..white splocthes on screen. Sent phone back; received a " refurbished cell phone" with splotches again (but not as bad...still..there are noticeable defects that ruin the experience). I can't believe it. I just paid ( Big $$$$) for a brand new cellphone. It is PalmOne, who should be sending me a brand new Treo 600 for producing a bad product ( screen defect) and what I get from the support ( probably in India); "sorry, we apoligize...but we cannot send a new cell phone." I just paid BIG BUCKS for a flop. Wake me up. Is this a bad dream? Talk about corporate greed and lack of integrity in a company. I don't care how they spin it, this is by far the worst experience I have ever had.

    Tim Conory
    Emergency Department, R.N.
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    Check your private messages. Good luck.
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    wow. wonder what the private message said. i am kinda worried about after market support from palmone now

    btw, the poll makes no sense.
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    I voted for "Did you get corporate response?"
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    I voted for "What are your experiences with TREO 600?" since it seemed almost Zen-like for a poll ANSWER and I don't even own a TREO.
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    Um.....the PM suggested talking to PalmOne Customer care rather than Tech Support. If the phone is still under warranty...
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    The phone is still under warranty. As a new customer, I carefully followed the directions of the customer care department personnel, AFTER I carefully explained to them in detail what my problem was with the cell phone; that it was a brand new purchase with a very bad defect on the screen. I was routed through the number maze at PalmOne and ended up with the customer service dept. in India. They actually sound as if they are reading from a script when trying to explain - in detail - what has transpired instead of really LISTENING to the customer. The first time I called C.S., I was actually lead to believe I would be receiving a BRAND NEW replacement cell phone. ( This is my gripe folks; I paid for a perfectly good working product, but, sorry to my dismay, I get a lemon). But, it gets better. I received a refurbished cell phone with...Arghhh...screen defects. I couldn't believe it! I had subsequentially called the C.S. dept. once again and this time was told the phone I had received was a refurbished phone. They told me that if everyone called seeking to return their phones for a new one, they would be out of business. Arghhh! That person didn't listen to a word I said! otherwise, I think I would have been on the phone to Customer Care Corporate. They are not listening to what happened. I bought a new phone...and got (twice) a lemon.

    The responsibility has been placed in my lap now. " Please call the Corporate Office."
    Pardon me, but I think I have been a very responsible consumer in calling Treo/PalmOne on numerous occassions to line up a NEW Treo 600. What does it take PalmOne? People...all I want is the "brand new Treo 600 cell phone" I originally paid for, is that too much to ask PalmOne for ?
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    I have not received any corporate response, as yet. They are probably playing this horror story out until my warranty does expire. What a way to business. Let the little guy squirm. All I want is the promise of a Brand NEW Treo 600 cell phone (not refurbished) to be delivered at my doorstep.
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    The private message said to "call corporate customer care". Funny thing is, I called them the other day and they routed me to the customer services phone extension.
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    try to get your money back. if you bought it at Best Buy, just return it. Come back next week and get a new one from the store. Where did you buy the treo 600 from? Ebay?
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    I bought my Treo from PalmOne Inc.,. directly when I signed up for T-Mobile service.
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    can u get a refund? most retailers will allow u to return the product for a full refund within 30 days. i would do that. it would show them that you are dissatisfied. instead of letting them walk all over you the next time u call, tell them something like :
    "ok, i see that palmone is not helping me resolve the issue. so let me ask you this. how do i get a full refund?"
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    Welcome to the club.. Check out my thread below, I agree with you completely. If they don't want to go bankrupt from folks demanding new replacements then they should make sure the new units they sell are working in the first place! They should make sure that calls for replacements are also legit -- they have hired robots to just say "OK, your replacement is on the way" only for you to find out they're sending you some piece of recycled crap.
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    My experience was different. After getting two replacement phones from Tech Support, both refurbs, and one of which wasn't even compatible with my carrier, I talked to Customer Care/ I described the problem, and they extended my warranty, ordered a new phone, and gave me 30 day initial warranty from the day I received my brand new replacement phone. I had threatened to return the 600 for a full refund if the problem was not corrected.

    Well, I am still under that warranty and still contemplating returning the 600 since the Echo problem exists on the new phone (firmware 2.12).

    PalmOne Tech support sucks. No question about it. They read from scripts, don't understand problems, and seemingly grab the nearest refurbed phone they can get their hands on without even ensuring the phone is compatible with my carrier.
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    so that settles it. just return the phone to palmone.
    step 2: get the phone from best buy or simliar monster electronics store
    step 3: if the phone doesn't work as you want it to, go to best buy (or any other store you bought it from) and swap. no dealing with customer service. no dealing with refurb. just a plain simple swap. presto.
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    Well folks this is it: So there is no speculation or questions, I have logged the following for your awareness: (gchomuk: your wrong, sorry).

    Preface: I'm a T-Mobile customer. Phone purchased through PalmOne via T-Mobile.


    (1) Called 1-888-565-9393: Handspring
    Spoke with Tech Support: stated - I fall outside a 14 day time period to return my cell phone for a new phone if it's found to have defects. (This policy is understood by me: Yes, it would be a financial burden to PalmOne if people called and said they received thier brand new cell phone with a bad defect (or, other issue) and requested a "brand new phone" replacement. The key fact here is that my cell phone defect showed up on day 15. (No trauma or harm to the phone) On the flip side, PalmOne (and T-Mobile) both benefit from their desiginated standard or policy, in that, the consumer (me and you) are receiving products (not all products:key point) at substandard production levels which are then delivered to the consumer (with expectations of a product that is going to work like new). SO, I'm out my original purchase. I tried to follow the advise of gchomuk and requested to speak to "Customer Care". I asked for her supervisor which got on the line. He advised me that I needed to call "T-Mobile" as they do not handle issues of this sort. O.K.

    (2) Called 1-877-426-3777, #2 , #2

    I then was speaking with (to my surprise) tech support for PalmOne.
    Humphrey redirected me to 1-800-937-8997, the number for T-Mobile.

    (3) I got "Will". Customer Care, probably 3rd tier. After explaining my issue and wanting to speak with someone who can actually help further the progress of my problem, he stated, (quote) " What you pay for is what you get" WOW! I was shocked. I couldn't believe he said that, so I asked for his supervisor.

    (4) Lou from management is now on the line: after a very gentle conversation with all the niceties, so forth, and, so forth...He of course backed up the 14 day standard/policy of the company after I detailed "my" issue in full. So, there it is, black and white. If you purchase a brand new cell phone from PalmOne...DO NOT EXPECT THAT YOUR PHONE WILL BE WORKING AS PROMISED -brand new - longer than the 14 day time period, because if it flops,'ll get a hand-me-down. "Sorry", he said, "it is out of my control". He continued to explain," you might get a new phone but it is likely that it will be a refurbished one".

    They apologize real well. But, ethics ? I would be careful before purchasing another product from PalmOne. (I doubt that will happen)

    Oh, by the way, the power of just one honest consumer can have an effect...b/c I can tell one person about my experiences and they can tell 5 others, who will tell 20 others and so on.

    Oh, I was offered "100 additional hours for my troubles."

    So, I will wait for my refurbished cell phone with great, well not so great anticipation.
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    tcc...I should have mentioned that I bought my phone directly from Handspring/PalmOne. I suppose that's why PalmOne customer care handled my call. PalmOne Customer Care does fine work. The offshore Tech Support group blows.

    When you buy through the carrier, the carrier handles the support. That was the same deal I had with my T180.

    By the way, the refurbs are clean. It's not like you're getting a beat up old jalopy. I'd have kept a refurb if they actually fixed my problem.

    Good luck.
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    I agree. Let's hope the refurb I receive is.."the one". Neo? No pun intended.
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    I have written a detailed letter (and email) detailing all my issues with my original product purchase and its issues with PalmOne; the phone defect's, customer care handling process and customer support and will be sending it to the Better Business Bureau soon. In addition, I am sending email's to as many top-level media technology news groups who cover these types of compaints, as I can muster.

    I was rethinking this issue... I'm getting screwed b/c of PalmOnes' improper creation of "my,one" Treo 600. [I'm beginning to wonder if the phone (original phone) wasn't itself a defected refurbished one] Nothing is constant in this world. I agree. Not everything will be exact. I agree. But, what I did get was that "one" screwed up phone (just after the 14 day return policy). You tell it fair to get a refurbished phone, and, then again, a refurbished one with defects based on the mechanical failures of "one" individual at PalmOne who put "my" Treo 600 together. No matter the extent or degree of subsequent explanations or arguments... I feel, I got screwed over by PalmOne" b/c of their so-called written in stone policy mandating no issuance of brand new phones to consumers if they go bad after 14 days. When I get my next Treo, I think I'll sell it, drop my service and return to Verizon.

    Please: you cannot understand the frustration of this event unless you slip into my shoes. I hope that all the rest of the PalmOne consumers are as lucky to have a good working Treo 600.
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    maybe this is just too simple, but....

    it is less than 30 days. I assume you paid with a credit card.

    call the cc company and inform them you received a defective device that the provider refuses to repair or replace (document your attempts). Inform them your are disputing the charge based on their failure to deliver the item as described. Call Palmone, explain that the cc charge is going to be reversed and you need an address in order to send the device back to them, signature required/insured.

    if this does not get their attention, at least you'll get your money back.

    Then you can get hold of T-Mo and explain the same deal to justify the cancellation without penalty. Believe me, if you are willing to spend enough time onthe phone with T-Mo CS, they will give you anything you "demand" (key word).

    My cc company is pretty lenient if you are within the 30 day window.

    also sent a pm.....
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