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    Is there a way to turn off the flashing light that indicates "no service"? It seems to be a fairly significant battery drain, and it doesn't actually provide any real informtion. (I don't need the light to tell me I'm out of range).

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    I think the significant battery drain is from the network search -- this uses a lot of power -- rather than the LED.
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    install Butler. set the led function to off. you'll get your extra battery mileage.
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    It certainly helps to shut off the LED, but that drain is pretty insignificant to the radio searching for a signal when it cannot find one. There is a free utility called TreoHelper which will shut the radio down after a signal isn't found for a selectable number of minutes. You can then specify how often it will wake up to see if there is a signal available.

    And of course, if you're in an area where you KNOW you won't be getting signal for a while, the best bet is to shut the radio off until you get "back to civilization"

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    Just what I was looking for. Thanks to all.
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    Press and hold the power button.
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    I just found the LED annoying as heck. If it wasnt for Butler I probably would have poked it with a screwdriver or something. j/k
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