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    If you have been through this decision please help.

    I want the Microsoft Exchange Server to be the source of all truth for both my laptop and my Treo. Therefore, I would like them both laptop and Treo to sync with the Exchange Server.

    I use a laptop so it is offline 70% of the time and the options of using a Destop client to forward email does not make sense.

    I have tried popping the MS Exchange Server but the Laptop and Treo quickly become out of Sync.

    As anyone done a comparison of these services so I can make a decision?

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    As far as I know, Visto relies on a desktop redirector. I think your only choices at this time are Good or Outlook Web Access, assuming, you have or can get that running on your Exchange server.
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    presuming you want the server-based version of all these, perhaps the first question to be answered is 'are your IT folks on board with this?' Or maybe you ARE the IT folks...
    Good ends up making its own set of databases, kinda like KeySuite or Beyond Contacts. That's about its only downfall, from what I know. It totally replicates your entire Outlook suite - contacts, mail, tasks, etc - all of that.
    Visto and SEVEN, as you know, are just mail.

    Beyond that, there are possibly some UI differences that might matter to you. I've used Visto and Seven extensively, and I think Visto has a far better UI. Can't speak for Good, but I have some friends who work there, and I've checked out their stuff, and it sure seems rock solid.
    Good luck.

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