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    The unthinkable has happened, a company-wide policy prohibiting picture phones was handed down at work. Since my company is pretty mainstream, I'm guessing this is becoming a more common phenomenon. I know that potential solutions for disabling the T600 camera (non-permanently) have been discussed in the past, but I haven't seen anything recently. Anyone hear anything new?
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    Why not just delete the camera app from the T600?
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    I dunno about a permanant solution (besides ripping the camera itself out! ), but you can use apps like mCamLock to disable the Treo camera...
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    Relax, the cameras in our phones are so bad that they may as well not exist. Simply take a picture and show your boss how poor the quality is. I'm sure it will not be difficult to convince him/her that absolutely no corporate secrets are gonna get captured by that thing.

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