After I got my refurbed Treo 600 today and it finally completed the provising I noticed that Snapper mail would not send again !! Checked the settings in Snapper to make sure it wasn't some sort of restore problem, and nope, everything fine there. I finally logged onto the SprintPCS site and it looks like in the switch over to the new Treo it wiped out my Sprint PCS mail !!!! Thank God I don't actually use it for anything !!! I couldn't create a new e-mail account as the web page was being flakey ! Will try again tomorrow and hope that it will go through ok. I mean, if I can't send e-mails with my Treo then that's a big loss of functionality.

Ok, at least the new Treo is holding up...but hey, this is day 1. Got the battery down into the red to make sure it would still make calls, but we all know that in 3 months this could be a different story all together :-)