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    I have seen this asked a few times, but I have yet to see an answer.

    Does anyone own a Treo 600 GSM version that has had this problem?

    It looks to me like it has something to do with some Sprint service or something and battery drain. I am curious if it is JUST battery drain, or JUST Sprint, or BOTH that causes the infamous problem.

    Are the GSM Treo 600's immune? Hmmm. Does anybody know?

    (Please forgive me if this has already been answered - I did a search of the discussion forum but could not find an answer to this)

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    I have seen it on the 180/270 and I personally experienced it with my 270 phone which we labeled RBOD.

    So far, I have not expericenced it on the 600.
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    I have a GSM Treo 600 quadband. I live in the caribbean and my cellphone provider is sh*tty because they are like the only one (only now a new company has entered the market).
    Anyways, back to your question...yes, GSM's do have the network search problem. Although mine was not due to power drainage.
    I notice my phone would (sometimes) have no service late at night (after 12am usually). I only had my phone for like less than a month and I thought it was my sh*tty service provider, but one day I asked my boyfriend if he had service and he did.
    So I checked this forum and realize that it was the phone...or I should say the FW.

    Needless to say I upgraded the FW from FW2.09 to FW2.12 (I tried FW3.04 but the diggon thing locked my unbranded, unlocked phone).
    The conclusion we came to was that because the phone is quad band, it got confused in searching for a compatible network. And well FW2.12 enables you to choose whether to search Auto, 900/1800, or 850/1900 (we use 900/1800...I think)
    So problem was fixed.
    Hope this answers your question

    PS. I've also seen in the other threads where other GSM have complained.
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    Well, I'm in SouthEast Asia and we do have the occasional network search issue. Basically, when the 600 loses the wireless signal, it takes forever to regain it. Turning wireless off and on again solves it pretty easily though.
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    i am waiting for my replacement treo 600 because of this problem and its a GSM on orange UK
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    I have an unlocked unbranded T600 which i use with a belgian service provider, but I spend most of my time roaming in the UK.
    I had the network searching problem, but fortunately it didn't drain the battery. Every time my phone lost it's network it would stay in the network searching mode. the sollution was to go into options and choose a network at which point the T600 found 4 available networks (roaming remember) and select one of these. This gets annoying after a while, so i needed a permanent sollution.
    For me that sollution was FW 3.04. Since i've updated the phone i've never seen the orange light blinking (unless in the paris metro, where there is simply no coverage)

    So bottom line, updating the FW should do the trick.
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