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    Has anyone bought this style of egrips yet? I have gone through 2 sets of the original style and the back pieces on both have peeled off. I really miss having the egrips but I don't feel like dumping more money into a product that doesn't stay on. This Wrapback design looks like it might prevent the problem I've had.

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    I've only tried the original and the wide ones for the Treo 600. I haven't had problems with the back. In fact I have the original back pieces on the unit. I've only replaced the side.

    Good Luck
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    I just received a new set of ones with the wide sides.

    Haven't installed them yet because my current set is doing okay. The Wrapback looked to much to me when I ordered. Do I really need that much grip on the back of my Treo? I didn't think so. I'll just deal with replacing the set every so often because of the peeling until they hopefully straighten things out.
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    got my wrapback today, and I like 'em so far. It's a different feel, for sure, not having those side grips, but as I'm using a holster more and more, the side grips can tend to get in the way there just a little. I think the single piece with the wrap around the side is a good way to go. Those side pieces on mine tended to 'drift' a little bit where the phone curved, almost like they didn't really conform to the side curve of the phone. I think the one single wraparound piece will probably stay more securely on the phone.
    Good so far.
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    Could you please post some pictures of your Treo with the "wrapback" installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    Could you please post some pictures of your Treo with the "wrapback" installed?
    Sure - here are a few. (caveat - the flash makes the black grips all shiny and sparkly - that's not how they look normally).
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    (and the ProClips holster was included as a bonus in a couple of the pics)
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    Thanks for the pics.

    I think I'm going to hold off on ordering a set. I really like the side pieces too much to switch.
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    by the way - lg, I just put back on my side strips, along with the wrapback. They fit just fine, and now I have total grip control. The combined pieces also work just great with my ProClips holster.

    All good.
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    Do you have the narrow or wide side pieces?
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    well, I guess I have some of the old narrow ones (they're about 3 or 4 months old - so would that make them the original narrow ones?) and they snug right up against the part of the wrapback that starts up the side of the phone.
    I had them sitting there, so I thought - why not use them. Works well, and the combined pieces feel nice in the hand - no gaps of sticky/not sticky. A pretty consistent, ergonomic feel to the whole thing.
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    I was thinking of getting the wrap style but got the original style instead.

    It was a good thing as the original style permits me to move the big backpiece up so I can slide the Treo into my Covertec case. The wrapback style I think would rub too much against the inside.
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    I bought both the original and wrapback... Used the wrapback and the sides of the original, covering nearly all the sides and back - then used the remaining material to cut pieces to partially cover part of the top and bottom...
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    I think I'm ready to give myself an early birthday present and buy these. The pictures from nrosser look fine. I was worried that it would look like too much 'stuff' on the Treo.
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    I got my black sparkly wrapbacks today. I'm very happy with them. I don't see any reason to install the side grips as these grab enough of the sides so I can feel the grips when I am holding the Treo.
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    Got my wrapbacks a few weeks back. 1st set of egrips. Really like them. Don't mind
    not having sides. Wouldn't want to cover my silver insets on my CDMA T600 anyways.
    I don't have a case, and just put it in my pocket with a screen protector, so no issues
    with case fit.
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    I'm on my second set of regular egrips (can't live without them!) but after seeing the wrapbacks, I think I may invest in a set. I like the continuity, and they seem to have cleaner lines than the ones with the sides. That aside, out of all of the big bucks I've spent on the treo and accessories, the 10 and 12 dollar egrips have been the best investment!
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    I got my Wrapbacks today.

    And I don't really like them. That is, I don't like not having the sides protected as well. I think having both the Wrapback and the Side egrips would work fine but I only have a set of the "wide" sides and I don't think they'll fit with the Wrapback on. I'm going back to the original set up until I can get myself a set of the thinner side pieces.
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    Anyone using the wrapbacks or original with the standard leather case?

    I am just trying to determine if there will be a problem using the two together.

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    If you want to later remove the egrips, will it leave any traces of adhesive on the phone? Thanks.
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