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    Quote Originally Posted by 2fly4u
    If you want to later remove the egrips, will it leave any traces of adhesive on the phone? Thanks.
    No. The come right off leaving nothing behind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driddle
    Anyone using the wrapbacks or original with the standard leather case?

    I am just trying to determine if there will be a problem using the two together.

    I've been using the "original" e-grips with this case for 6 months - works great, no issues. I just replaced my original set of e-grips - just starting to get worn around the edges - could have kept using them for several more months, but the new set restored my Treo's "new" look.

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    Going to try the wrapback this time I think. The worst thing about the egrips as I see it is that they are one use. I am now on my fourth Treo (just got#4 yesterday) and I have to get new egrips everytime. Taking them off one phone and putting them on another is not ideal. They peel much quicker off number 2.

    It sucks to lose a screen protector and egrips everytime the phone fails.

    Oh well. At least my phone works again.
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    I asked another question on this before, so I thought I would post these two things I have noticed with the wrapbacks.

    1) They will fit in the standard Treo side load case, but you have to keep pushing the side wrapping down after pulling it out of the case.

    2) I bought the external battery as I saw in another thread it would work, but "it's a tight fit". I agree, but also wanted to mention that the clips on the side slightly damage the middle sides of the wrapbacks and the top of the large piece just below the serial number.

    None of these two items are big deals but wanted to mention them. Since then I have seen another thread that suggests to put the wrapbacks on over the battery. I assume this would be possible with some minor trimming, however, I only use the battery once in awhile.
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