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    I had my heart set on a Vaja Ivolution for the Treo 600 for the longest time.

    But so far I cannot bring myself to spend more than $100 on a phone case!

    I'm looking for something very slim, and comparable to the ivolution. My other option seems to be the palm form fit case, the covertec case, or the bellagio case. I once had bought a used ivolution case for my sony clie NR70v and it was the finest case I have ever laid hands on.

    I don't want to consider the Krussell becaues I don't want a cheesy plastic cover over the keyboard. I don't really like krussel cases in general.

    Anyways I just saw this EB case: looks VERY slim and even has a flip lid with a clear plastic cover in it and the flip lid is removable. The price $50 seems pretty reasonable. My friend had a EB slipper case on his Tungsten T before and it seemed really slow and low profile.

    Im about to get this case but want a second opinion on it. Thanks and please post replies!!!
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    It's junk.

    I did a review on it, I'll try to dig it up.
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    Yeah, I cancelled my order from all the negative reviews the case received in these forums. Too bad a lot of those threads were lost when the forums crashed.
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    oh man, and the case looks so nice too!
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    Yep, the picture makes it look 100 times better than it actually is.

    It's made for cheap leather, has Velcro and doesn't fit the Treo well. And that's just for starters. I've yet to hear from one person who is pleased with this case.
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    That IS disappointing. My experience with EBCases was always very good. I had a GREAT case from EBCases for my Handera 330. Really really good. I also had a case from them for my Dell Axim. That was nice too (can you say BULKY!).

    Shame that they screwed this one up.
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    I completely agree. I was SO looking forward to it since it's the only flip case which offer viewing the screen, through the clear plastic insert.

    I got it when it was released, tried it on the Treo and haven't used it since.

    I still have it if anyone really wants one.
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    I also love(d) EB Cases, had a great one for my Sony Clie 760c. I guess they just don't have a strong Treo 600 product.
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    quite frankly Mr Shankly, the EB case is utter tosh and was one of the few items I have returned through extreme personal disappointment..I still bear the emotional scars
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    wow after all these comments im definately NOT getting this case

    ANy other suggestions before I run out and get the vaja ivolution?

    Are there any other slim slim slim profile form fitting cases for the Treo600? Did I mention im looking for a slim case?

    How's the Covertec, Bellagio, etc etc
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    I have the EB Slipper and I guess I'm in the minority when i say that I like it.

    I researched cases for a while and narrowed my decision down to Vaja, Bellagio and EB. The slipper won for one reason - see thru window. What's the point in getting a non-flip phone if you're going to get a case where you start flipping again? Having said that I don't think I could ever get another case that does not have a window over the screen. It's really convenient...I can see who is calling and read messages instantly no matter if the phone is on my belt, in my pocket or in my car. Taping the cover in a certain spot even turns on the screen so I can quickly check what time it is or if I have any messages. I can also answer and talk without flipping open the cover.

    It's true, the initial out of the box fit isn't perfect. But give it a day or two and the leather will stretch. Plug in the headset and sync cable so that the leather conforms to the holes. I used some double sided tape to give the case a solid fit and feel.

    My only complaint is the Velcro closure. A magnet or a clasp would be a bit more classy and practical, not to mention quieter. Velcro sounds 10x louder in a quiet office or library for some reason.

    Overall tho I'd give it a 6 out of 10 right out of the box due to the poor initial fit. If you take the time to make it fit you'll turn it into a 8 out of 10 case. Only EB replacing Velcro with something else and switching to Vaja or Bellagio class leather will make it a 10. But for me the see-thru window over the screen is priceless.

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