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    I bought a Treo 600 from AT&T at the end of December and was smitten immediately. The only problem was a small rattle that I would hear whenever the unit moved a little bit. I phoned Handspring and they sent me a replacement that had no rattle. However, after about two weeks, the unit started to turn itself off and reset itself without warning, so that I lost a lot of my data (fortunately, I had Backup Buddy, so I could always restore, but it was rather annoying). Once again I phoned Handspring and a replacement soon arrived. I have now had that unit for about 6 weeks and now the battery won't charge properly; I can leave it plugged in overnight until the green light comes on, and as soon as I unplug it it will have a full battery indicator, but after several minutes it will beep at me to warn me that my battery is perilously low of power and then it shuts itself off. I have also noticed that it makes a terrible racket when I try to make a phone call on it off the electric cord. I have phoned Handspring again, and they are sending another replacement unit. What do you suppose will go wrong with this one? (Incidentally, one question that the agent asked me was whether I use a car charger for the phone; I told him I did, and he said that was probably the problem. Why do they sell such a thing if it ends up killing the battery?? I did all the resets they talk about, including the "factory reset", but nothing would reset the unit to recognize a fully charged battery. If I did not love the phone so much, I would dump it for something else.
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    I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say, "I feel your pain." Having gone through one replacement, my first thought was exactly like yours, "How long until I have to replace this one?"

    So far, however, this one has proven it's worth. The thing that kept me waiting was the fact that nothing else on the market right now equals a Treo.

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