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    Has anyone else noticed this major bug in the Treo 600's built-in To Do List that makes the app pretty much unuseable??

    If you have a To Do item in the To Do List, and you change the Due Date for that item (for exampe to "Tomorrow") the cursor selection jumps to the LAST UNDATED TO DO ITEM IN YOUR TO DO LIST!! This is crazy! Obviously, if you have a lot of To Do items in your list you can't work this way, srolling multiple screens to get back to the top, select another past due item and change to "Tomorrow" and be sent back down to the bottom of the To Do list. How could Handspring have released an application that was this unuseable?

    Can anyone from PalmOne help and respond to this? How about a firmware upgrade fix?
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    This also occurs if you change an item to a different category. It drives me nuts. Has anyone seen this with other OS5 devices? Maybe it's not unique to the Treo.

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