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    I find myself checking the "Updated Software" area of Palm Gear at least once a day to see if any of the applications I keep on my Treo have been updated. There are usually dozens of additions to the updates page each day. I've noticed over the last three days there have been NO new updates added. This seems strange.

    Anyone else find this odd? Is it the off season for the Palm development community?
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    And still no updates.

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    Bill Petro
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    Yes, correct. That's the update page but nothing has changed on it in almost a week.

    Normally it changes several times a day.
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    I checked after I read your post. The last update I see is May 5, although it does appear that new programs have been listed.
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    Yeah, a few new programs have been listed, but not as many as during a normal week.

    So no software updates in 5 days. Now that's odd.
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    The updates are back. Masses of them.
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    Yeah, I noticed it too.

    Obviously there was some problem. Over 100 updated apps posted today.

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