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    What's the best way to access e-mail via IMAP on the Treo 600?

    I am on Sprint. Does the free e-mail app that was available for download allow you to do that? (The Handspring app.) If so, where can I find it? The link on is not working.


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    i was told the new version of SnapperMail supports IMAP. I have not seen they have a demo for test out yet thou.
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    The free HS email client does not support IMAP. Snappermail ver 2.0 will shortly support IMAP (when it is released), as does Versamail, Basejet, Corsoft Aileron, Papi-mail, and Chatter. Chatter IMO is the best solution for true Push-IMAP to your Treo imo...
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    I sent in a request for trial for Chatter last Sunday. Just about a week later and I still havent heard from him. No biggie, since he admits that he doesn't work on it often, but some people aren't as patient as I am.

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    Well, I'm not THAT far behind! Could you send me an email with your information (I'm finding that the automated account information email is frequently spam-blocked)


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