Hello All,

I'm a Treo 600 user with perhaps a silly question. I can't ope a certain .pdb file. I had a .pdb book that is at least 3 years old that I have been using with an old version of palmreader on my ancient handspring platinum. I just got a treo 600 and transferred the .pdb and palmreader app to the treo. i could open palmreader, it would see the book, then when i would access it it would reset the machine.

so i got a new verson of palmreader, and since just about any free reader program i could find. none of them even want to recognize the file as a book and it never shows up in the reader's list of books to open (I tried running it from both internal and SD memory). The file is there when i confirm with the delete app or filez. i've tried to reinstall the .pdb file and nothing.

anyone know what's going on? i'm assuming i need to update the .pdb file or something...

thanks in advance,