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    Having no need for wireless email, I would like to hotsync my email to my Treo600 as if it were not a wireless device. Any reccommendations on how?
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    Inbox to go supports the hotsync ur outlook client from PC. It is included in the Document To Go
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    You need the mail.prc file and then run the program emailwiz.exe. If you have the Palm Desktop software from an older PalmOS device, you can get the files from there. Otherwise, you will have to find them elsewhere.
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    I'd also suggest Eudora's Internet Suite. It supports both Inbox sync'ing and wireless POP/SMTP. Only thing it doesn't do is attachments.

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    Does anybody know of a tool to do the same (i.e. get your mail on your treo through a hotsync) but for pocomail in stead of eudora or outlook ?
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    Marty, Just to be sure I understand, install the Palm Desktop from a different heandheld device (I have a Clie with OS 4). Once installed on my PC how do I sync on the mail.prc (simply remove all others from the sync list?) Secondly, where would I find "emailwiz.exe"?

    Thank you to EVRYONE for their suggestions!

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