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    Is there a way to get Company name to show on the caller-id screen? Or better yet, allow me to tag which attributes I would like displayed for caller-id?
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    Try deleting the Last Name in your contact. The field automatically shifts to Company Name so you will get "First Name"<space>"Company Name" displayed on screen when you dial/ call/ see contact in view list
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    Should be a better way than this.

    I don't want to delete the last name of all of my contacts, as that info is essential.
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    You can include the last name info in the First name column
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    Use Beyond Contacts or Key Suite with the First and Last names in the proper places.

    Then using Excel or Access or whatever, export all your addresses to a file and put the First and last names together in the First name column. Put these back into your built-in address book.

    Another thing for PalmOne to work on!

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