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    Is there some way to have a missed call indicator with the treo 600? Unless I am missing something I have no indication of missed calls as I have with voice mail (blinking light on the phone).
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    Butler (or TreoButler the name recently changed) will allow you to set the treo to do that and a bunch of other things.... cost less than $10 and is well worth it!

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    Go Go Butler !
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    Treo Allegro is free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joemed
    Treo Allegro is free.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work as it should, and the developer is absent from the forums for months now so I doubt it will be fixed or updated.
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    True, Allegro does not do everything that was metioned in the beginning, and true, there were ALOT of issues in the beginning, I use it all of the time now with no problems. The Led indicator works fine as well as the vol keys rocker. I would not mess with the other settings.

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