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    Hello at all,
    I've buy on ebay one brand new treo 270 but it come whit the famous error "network searching" and no flip HS when turn on the radio.
    I've tried the upgrade 1.1.2 e 1.2 but the ROM update stop whit a "Time out error - can't find the radio. Error=1." or similar, instead the GPRS update end in goal.
    I've tried open the treo and dismantle the battery for few minutes but this was unhappy.
    I've tried to install and run RADIO RESET GPRS version but it's unhappy too.
    Help me! there is another tentative that I can do?
    Can someone tell me where is possible download a ROM immage to install in the treo in alternative method.
    Thanks in advance and excuse my bad english (I'm Italian).
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    The radio unit of your treo is damaged. My treo had defininetly the same problem and Handspring support told me to send the unit back. Don't spend hours in useless trying- there is no solution.
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    Did you unplug the Treo during the Radio Reset? The whole purpose of it is to drain the battery for a full reset.
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    the same with two my previous units of treo180. only way is to ask for unit replacement.
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    Yes, I do.
    I've drained totaly the battery.
    Now I've contact the ebay seller that told me that replace the treo in next weeks. I hope.
    Thanks at all for the kind reply...
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    The same thing happened to my own treo 270 and handspring wanted $100 to fix it. I said screw them and I was going to fix it myself. I downgraded the firmware to the original that came with the unit. Once there I ran the NON-GPRS radio reset. That's when it fixed my problems but I didn't have GPRS. I then ran the GPRS updater and was back to normal. I tried re-installing the same GPRS firmware over and over again but that never did the trick for me. It was downgrading and running the non-gprs radio reset that did the trick. Hope this helps.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    If your treo:
    1. won't recognize your sim card (try the SIM application)
    2. fails to contact the radio unit during the GPRS update

    you will have no chance to upgrade or downgrade your unit.
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    PM or e-mail me and I can sent you the original rom image for the 270.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Thanks at all.
    You'r nice but I have ship tre bad treo to the seller and him refound me some money.
    I've bought immediately a treo 600 at 658 Euro. The old treo 180 and the bad treo 270 have a short battery life for me (less one day). The treo 600 whit the first carge is still on after 5 days! (ever, night adn day).
    See you later.
    P.S.: Do you understand my English? I think that I not be able.

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