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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman
    Yeah,me too. But it's still cheaper than buying an ipod and a PDA and a phone.

    A-Men brother - and far more convenient! I'm awaiting delivery of a 1GB SD card. Now if only someone would come up with software to make the T600 camera usefulll...
    Palm M100 --> GSM Treo 600 --> GSM Treo 650 --> GSM Treo 680
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    I finally got my Seido and have been enjoying it for over a week now.

    +Convenience of all-in-one
    +Retractable cord - lss to dangle everywhere and get knotted up
    +The plug has a larger angle (the Treo handsfree plug was a perfect 90deg. so would sometimes unplug itself when it rotated)
    +Great microphone
    +not bad sound quality - not the best but not bad either. There is Seido that allows your own headset
    +Good controlls. The volume knob seems to reduce the sound quite evenly across all frequencies.

    -The earbud were too big for my small, slippery ears. They didn't come with foam covers, which I purchased to solve the problem
    -The style would be better as giant 'u' shape - you know, the kind where one wire goes behind your neck. I clip the unit to my collar wich is off-centre (as collars normally are) so unles I clip it high enough, turning my head to the right can pull the right ear-bud out. This design is also better for allowing the earbuds to dangle around your neck when not in use.

    I'm definately glad I bought it!

    Get Pickem! Thanks to thppfft

    Palm M100 --> GSM Treo 600 --> GSM Treo 650 --> GSM Treo 680
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    I just downloaded the software from toysoft. See thread above for the website. I've tried it out now and am quite satisfied with it. Now I am able to listen to MP3's through the aftermarket headset that I purchased (one ear only) AND hear the phone ringing in the earpiece (a stupid oversight on Palms development if you ask me). I can turn off the exterior speaker, pump out sound to the headphones in stereo or mono (for the single earpiece use) and not have to buy the seido adaptor. As long as I'm happy with listening to MP3's mono style, I'm good to go. I think I'll pick up the 2-in-1 once all the kinks are out and there's a way of getting goods shipped to Canada without the brokerage fees and tariffs that they are currently imposing on us that literally doubles the cost of the original purchase...(i.e. my awesome Rhinoskin aluminum case cost $43US and it cost me an additional $43CAN in brokerage/tariffs) CRAZY.
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