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    What is the lowest the battery level will go before the Treo won't power up anymore?

    Follow up question! Is it wise to let this happen?
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    Ive run it to the point where it forcefully shuts off. It actually pops up a message saying something like "Shutting off in 15 seconds" and counts down. It was either 0% or close to it because IIRC I had checked 10 minutes before and it was at 4%.

    It didnt seem to have any ill effect in the short term (replaced it a few weeks later) but doing that often cant be good for the battery's life span.
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    Doesn't it ship with no or little battery charge level? I am sure it has been charged before shipping and (supposedly) tested. The phone works fine once we charge it and started using it. So how is this situation different? I understand the effect on battery's life span can be difficult to determine in a short time.
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