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    I just received a Treo 600 from Sprint. It is a replacement (provided by teh equipment replacement plan) for my Treo 300 (which suffered from a crap battery).

    I have a few questions:
    1) can I use the car charger for the Treo 300 with my Treo 600?
    2) I would LOVE to get a SD card and use my new 600 as an mp3 player, what are the best headset/earphone combo out there? The ones at treocentral all get poor reviews...anyone have good experiences with a product I'm unaware of?
    3) I did the 1.10 FW upgrade and can no longer assign Agendus to the schedule/calendar button...that button in the prefs simply won't take agendus as an option...does anyone know how to fix that?

    I am so excited I could pee...I've wanted one of these since they came out and figured I would have to patiently wait til my 18 month upgrade...lucky for me my 300 broke and this is what I got as a replacement!

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    John, you can probably find most of these answers if you do a search of the forums.

    1. never used a car charger so, cant say. but, if it is one where you insert the 300 into something like a cradle, probably not.

    2. i like the seidio one myself. they fixed a lot of the probelm since they first release it.

    3. no clue.
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