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    I just picked up Palms slim case and I really like it, except when I carry it on my belt, the screen faces outwards and I am scared to smash the screen.

    How do you carry your device in those slim cases?

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    I use a Krussel case and I really like it. I even use it when I coach baseball and I haven't smashed the screen yet. (I think the clear plastic covering the screen is probably just as tough as if it were leather, but I'm not sure.) Good luck!
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    ordered a krusell case from ebay and i will let u know hwo it works out. i have few krusell cases for other phones. they are good, especially the clear plastic covering the screen which it is very tough.
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    my krusell case does not have a cover on the screen. Hummm.
    It a good case buty since my T6 has the SD pop up issue it is a pain to have to unzip the unit just ot reset the SD card.

    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    I use the Vaja Ivolution slim case... same issue, my screen faces out and could be smashed.

    I actually only use the case while at work. When I go out with the wife I always put it in my pocket because I don't like large items hanging off my belt.

    I'm just careful/lucky I suppose. Not too much that can be done to protect the screen in our cases.
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    I recently purchased a CoverTec horizontal T600 pouch (tan) from the TreoCentral store. The quality of the materials and workmanship is A+. Very happy with this case. I wear it so the screen is oriented in the pouch to face my belt, thus keeping it from banging into something.

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