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    Long story short. I was one of the original converts to Sprint T600 last year. I liked everthing about it except the low res screen. I started to do some traveling to Toronto and Sprint does not have data roaming available in Toronto. Unfortunately, this still was pre T600 GSM. I switched to a Sony UX50 with a SE T610 on AT&T. Roaming data in Canada solved! I can't complaim with the performance, the combo works great. HOWEVER, I can't/won't wear both units on my belt and as a result, whenever I need the PDA/Email capability the UX50 is not at hand. Just a little more, I have fell in love with my bluetooth headset. Now I have read a whole bunch on this forum and other places about the possible T610. Since I'm ready to make the jump back to Treo, I'd like to get your opinion on if the T610 will really have bluetooth. What system it will most likely be available on and last a best guess as to...when. Now I understand that there are probably not any definitive answers but, I'm about to invest $600 + (again) and don't want to buy a 600 and have the 610 come out the next day. On the other hand, I'd like to change back as soon as possible so that I can once again enjoy convergence. Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post.
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    Now I understand that there are probably not any definitive answers...

    That basically is the only answer anyone can really give you right now. Any actual specs on the supposed "Treo 610" are nothing but pure conjecture at this point. However, I don't doubt that a new Treo may be iminant. The only solid info are indications that Verizon will soon launch the Treo shortly on its network. However, whether this will be a version with updated specs or just a Verizon-optimized version of the current Treo is debatable. However, this would obviously be a cdma version and hence not useful if you want gsm roaming!
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