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    I know this has been discussed, I just can't find the answer.

    For months I have been connecting to Comcast for my email. Starting last week, I could receive, but not send. I have talked to Comcast and my settings are said to be correct. I know Sprint people have had this problem. Has anyone using Comcast on T-Mobile, and do they have the same problem, and do they have a fix? I hope so. I think I need another smtp server to bounce off of - is that right?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I use Comcast email with my CDMA Treo 600 for SprintPCS. No problem.

    SMTP server = (needs authentication)
    POP3 server = (also needs authentication)

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    smtp server for t-mo is
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    Thanks Felipe. Using that smtp setting works just fine. I appreciate the help.


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