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    has anyone made a utility that will allow the status led to display when a data transfer is going on? this would be very useful with sprint where you cannot receive calls while data is transferring. maybe it could flash the led a certain color for an active data transfer.

    does anyone know if this is possible? would other people be interested in this feature? I would gladly pay for it. developers... can you make it happen?
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    This would be a usefull addition to the arrows that turn green as data is being transfered.
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    I think it should be possible. I will have a look at the CDMA (Sprint) and GSM data related notifications later today.
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    I think its a great idea to turn the LED into a modem light. I have mine set to OFF in TreoButler errr Butler anyway.
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    nachon, this would be a great add on feature to your Profeo program

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    any updates???
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    hey, I had kinda forgotten about this. I will see what I can do. :-)
    But first I have to finish several other things, which I have started. Give me a week or so.
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    nachon: Love Profeo!
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