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    Hello All,

    This is my first post! There is a lot of cool info here!

    I just revieved my Treo 600 yesterday and I was trying to use PDANet to connect my laptop to my Treo. I ran into a problem that appeared to be documented in the forum and indicated that FW 3.04 might correct the problem.
    I used Method A to attempt the upgrade and when I ran the updater I got a message the said "The updater is not compatible this device" ( that may not be exact but it is close).

    I have a Treo 600 with AT&T service
    FW: 2.12
    SW: Treo600-1.11-AWS
    HW: B

    Has anyone seen this or have any suggestions?

    Thanks for the Help!
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    get tokenwriter.prc
    Run it
    type in your keyboard (without the quotes)
    "write crnm INT"
    Then press enter

    Re run the firmware updater.
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    I read about tokenwriter but I could not find any documentation. I also found another post with the same problem....

    I have updated and everything looks good so far!

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