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    Dear customers/TreoCentral viewers,

    Based on the past 2months experience, Seidio is improving and modifying the Treo 600 holster. As the discussion on this forum, the most talk-about concern is the holster can be swivel 360 degrees and causing the Treo fell out from the holster.

    Seidio has already had an improved version of the Treo 600 holster which has changed the swivel mechanism. We actually change the material on the Swivel rotator from plastic to metal. This modification will increase the reliability of the swivel and protect the swivel to turn 360 degrees.

    Please see the attached pictures. If you have any question about the improvement, please feel free to contact us.

    Seidio, inc.
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    There are other problems as well.
    1) The holster doesn't hold the phone after several weeks of hard use
    2) The clips, which grab the phone in the indents, break off part of the silver plastic strip

    I have ordered a Proclip holster...if anyone wants my Seidio, I will sell it cheap!
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    yes, in my case, the issue is not the rotation (which I took care of right away when mine arrived, by putting a little tiny piece of double sided foam tape where the clip meets the holster body, and thus can't rotate), but rather - the issue where the little clippers on the side are:
    a) chipping off the paint, and possibly the plastic, on the grey sides
    b) seemingly splitting apart the sides of my Treo - I see the tiniest of spacing starting to happen around those indents where the little clippers grab on. I can mash the side of the Treo, and see some movement that I did NOT use to see. And yes, I'm pretty obsessive about how my 600 has felt over time, and I know it wasn't like that, pre-holster. I think those two little clippers need to be redesigned, to penetrate less into the indents, or change their shape, or something so those clippers no longer mess up the sides of the phone.
    So, in my case, the change to a metal rotator on the swivel means nothing.
    I too am waiting on my ProClip one, and we'll see how they compare.

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