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    I've had a Treo 180 for about a year and a half (never had any major problems). I considered upgrading to the 600 when they had the upgrade offer a few months ago, but my 180 was working fine, and I wasn't feeling like spending the money. Now, my lid has broken (I super-glued it back). I called the PalmOne support line - and they were less than helpful, bordering on sarcastic when I asked if they would still honor the upgrade offer, or give any kind of incentive. $699 for a new 600, if I kept my T-mobile account - yikes. They suggested calling T-mobile and trying to negotiate with them. Has anyone had any luck in getting any kind of upgrade offer on the 180 - since the lids are obviously defective?
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    The lid may be considered defective but it will take more to get Palm to accept that as reason for providing you a free upgrade. The better negotiating point is how long you've been T-Mobile's customer and work out arrangement to get you a better deal than paying full price.

    Good Luck as the decision is dependent on which Customer Service answers the call. Some may be more stringent than others. YMMV.

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