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    does anyone know of an on screen keyboard that can be used with the treo 600?
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    why would you want one of them? You have seen the built in keyboard yea?
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    crichoo, Are you on a GSM or CDMA version? My CDMA one has such a thing, it came OE.
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    Most applications on the Treo that accept text input have a Keyboard option on the Edit menu. This displays the standard, built-in on-screen keyboard.
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    There is also a program that allows you to pop up the keyboard in any application by pushing the navigation key, causing the keyboard to pop up when in a text box, with 1 button push. The software is called EZ-keyboard. It works great.
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    thanks for the replys, I'm a new user, obviously, and until my large fingers get used to those little bumps called keys.....the on screen keyboard will help

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