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    Does anyone know if AT&T offers replacement insurance on the Treo 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgelfuso
    Does anyone know if AT&T offers replacement insurance on the Treo 600.
    I was able to add insurance to my account over the phone a few weeks ago. Strangely enough, the sales reps at my local AT&T store still say that insurance is unavailable for the treo 600. Go figure.
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    AT&T's insurance provider, lockline, does not offer insurance on the treo 600. I called and spoke to Lockline directly.

    The AT&T reps added the insurance over the phone as well, but confirmed when I called them back, that lockline did not offer the insurance.

    Not all of the AT&T reps are up on the insurance policy as they should be.
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    I spoke with an AT&T Rep and they had no idea about the insurance. Can you clarify what you told them to get them to add insurance to your account for the 600. I had the same experience as you re. Lockline - they don't cover the 600. Any assistance you may provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    jmnole81 is correct. I called AT&T and had them double check with lockline and indeed they (lockline) DO NOT provide coverage. Apparently AT&T can add the insurance charge to your account, but it doesn't mean anything. The AT&T phone rep appologised profusely and is removing the insurance charges from my account.
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    I had the same problem, i was being charged but the insurance does not cover any smartphones.
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    I have a Treo purchased through Cingular two months ago and a customer service rep added the insurance coverage to my account last month. When I read this thread about Lockline (Cingular's insurance carrier) not covering Treos I got the phone number for Lockline (1-888-562-8662) and called them. After wading through some of their recorded messages, one of them said that Lockline did not provide coverage for Handspring products. In an effort to talk to an actual human operator, I called back and made the selection to file a claim for a replacement phone. When I finally got to talk to a rep from Lockline, she said that indeed Lockline does not provide coverages for Treo. When I told her that I had already had it on my account and had paid for it one month, she relented and said that Lockline's policy was that they would make ONE courtesy replacement and then the coverage would be dropped. So......for Cingular they will cover it for ONE claim only. For me, I'll pay the $3.99 per month for as long as I can and have the coverage. If I have to make an insurance claim, I'll get the one replacement phone and then drop the coverage. Don't know if this is the best approach or not....what do ya'll think?
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    I would just be a bit concerned that, in the event you do have to replace your phone, Lockline will give you a lot of trouble about it. Even in their automated messages, they state that they do not cover any smartphones. I wouldn't be surprised, if push came to shove and you actually tried to make a claim, if they said they don't cover the phone and simply offer to refund the sum of your monthly payments. I think we just have to live with the fact that we can't get these phones covered.

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