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    You guys are great. I like the idea of listening to mp3 songs on my Treo600 rather than always lugging my Ipod with me.

    When you listen to a song, can you do it thru the earbud or do you need a stereo headset?

    Also, can you play the song via the speaker to a group of people.

    Thank you.
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    Well you want stereo don't you ? Yes you can listen to the tin sounding speaker.

    Get an adapter and a good set of phones. Or Amplified Computer Speaker Combo.
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    i got my stereo adaptor for free
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    You definitely need a stereo adapter to listen to mp3s on a headset, the earbud doesn't work. You can also listen through the speaker. Don't play it too loud though, you don't want to blow it out.
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