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    After checking my mail, i want to disconnect (to avoid charges) The double green arrows are still there. How do you disconnect?
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    What mail program are we talking about ?

    Snappermail has an option to check to disconnect after retrieving, auto or manual fetch of mail. When in doubt, RTM
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    I'm just using the standard 'mail' app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spartanrob
    I'm just using the standard 'mail' app.
    Goto Prefs from the Application Launcher. From the drop down menu, select Network. Your current data connection will appear. Tap on Disconnect.

    In the phone view, I used Prefs as one of the four shortcut keys. I always leave the Network menu set in Prefs. When I want to disconnect from data connection, I just hit the phone key and select the shortcut Prefs.
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    As I understand it, and at least on T-Mobile, the user only pays for actual data transferred as opposed to time connected, so leaving your connection up is not costing you anything.

    Might be different with other vendors...

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