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    Well, I thought I had dodged the bullet. Got my Treo (sprint) in October. It had been bullet-proof since then. Other morning it started doing the Network Search thing. Took it in to Sprint, they couldn't find a problem. They were nice about it and said if the problem continued that they would order me a replacement. (even though he had 20 units in stock... guess they have to do some thing with all the refurbs).

    When it acted up again, I called and talked to the rep, he supposedly ordered one for me yesterday to pick-up today. Got them to agree that if it didn't show today that they would give me a new one from stock.

    Now the question.... has anything similar happened to the GSM models? I have a GSM Treo 600 that I use in Europe, and would be really bummed if it started to act up as well.

    My big concern is if this is what happens after 7 months, what do I do 7 months from now (when it's out of warranty) when this stuff happens again. At $500 (which is what I paid), that's kind of stiff to be a throw away.

    Thoughts people?
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    for the insurance.

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    I did, but doo you really feel the insurance is for a design flaw?

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