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    Granted I agree that 30 bucks would be steep to pay for this one single function, but the new version of Callfilter (soon to be released) is definitely worth the 30 bucks! Callfilter has over 20+ functions! With more being added daily! Callfilter does way more than just filter unwanted calls. Please do not judge the app by the current release. The current beta blows the doors off the current release!
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    The bottom line here is that $30 is too high, even if he has added more feature sets. Look at the feature set of Treo Butler (Butler) and what he charges. That developer is laughing all the way to the bank and rightfully so, great value for the feature set.

    The Callfilter developer will probably raise his price even higher with his new version. The product is just priced too high and people are not going to pay it.

    Look, the economics is, he will make much more money with a larger customer base than a small one. That is just the facts. You could see from the postings, even the ones reviewing his product on Palmgear, that his price is too steep.

    You are probably promoting the product because you are getting it for free as a Beta tester. I doubt you paid the $30 price tag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    mine will end, but on answer, it immediately disconnects....... are you doing something different ??

    This is the same thing that happens with mine. Is there a setting in the Treo that would stop this?
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