Ok, this is weird but legit. Once a month I make a 360 mile round-trip to Des Moines Iowa. I use my Treo 600 extensively -- field support calls, check/send email, carry router configs, play Monopoly or Scrabble in the crapper, listen to mp3s, etc.

Weeeel, starting back in January, I suffered a soft-reset on a strip of Interstate highway between I-80W and I-29N called I-680. I figured it was caused by p-tunes as the was the app I was using and was just relieved that it was merely a soft reset.

Then in February, the *exact* same set of circumstances and life went on.

In March it was a little different in that p-tunes complained the skin I was using caused the problem and that skin disappeared in the soft-reset.

In April it was the more familiar p-tunes crash and I hadn't bothered to change skins again -- which may explain why.

Finally just last night (in May) same 20 mile stretch of road, my Treo hard reset on me. I ran a Botzam Backup restore but since I hadn't backed up since that morning I did lose my call data for the day (which sucks as I use Natara's Comet software to do my billing). This time I was not using p-tunes at all, however. Unfortunately I didn't think to enter ##377 until after I'd done my restore from Botzam Backup -- which crashed (soft) on me so it replaced the data in the error register telling what caused the hard-reset.

Has anyone else noticed trouble with their Sprint Treo 600 with specific towers?

Weirded out in Iowa...

Ooops, forgot to add -- on the way to Des Moines I drive the same stretch of road and have *never* had my Treo crash on the 'to' trip, only the 'return'.