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    I guess I drank the goverments kool-aid on how easy this was going to be.

    Since Monday mid-day, I have spent 3 hours in a Cingular store and another 1-2 hours with both Cingular and AT&T portability centers and my number still hasn't been fully ported from AT&T to Cingular.

    I've gotten mixed reviews, some people it works fine, others take longer. No real reason that anyone can give me. Oh yeah, and if you go from a "wired" number to wireless be prepared to wait and wait. I have heard of cases where a ports from Nov and Jan still aren't completed.

    Last night I had both ATT and Cingular on the phone with managers. In this 5-way call I was promised my port would be done by 7pm last night, but its not done as of yet.

    Make sure you give yourself time JIC when moving your number from one carrier to the next and hopefully your experience will be smoother than mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driddle
    AT&T is most likely the problem (they're the only carrier using different software/services to manage number portability, if I remember correctly). Or, as Fletch says: "It's all ball bearings these days."

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