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    Maybe this is just me, but if you have a MyYahoo account, go to the following webpage using both Blazer and WebViewer:

    On Blazer, the page that comes up has a lot more useful links/information than the version that comes up in WebViewer (for example, a "GetLocal" link, a link to the Yahoo Calendar, etc.). If you copy the above URL into your IE browser, it shows what WebViewer would show.

    How could I get WebViewer to display the more comprehensive page? Does Blazer identify itself in such a way that Yahoo knows which page to display? I unchecked "Act like MSIE" in WebViewer's settings, but still no luck at getting the Blazer version of the page (which I like a lot better--even has a "mobile Yahoo messenger" built in).
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    Its funny but I was just noticing this about 15 minutes ago
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    Also interesting, the PCS Vision portal "" only works from Blazer. Try typing it into IE or WebViewer and you get nada. That means the site somehow detects that the browser accessing it is Sprint's Blazer. Also note that through this portal (which shows your personal Sprint account details), you can get access to Yahoo Mobile Messenger, Calendar, etc. Perhaps Sprint has a special deal with Yahoo to provide it's Treo customers with a beefed-up Yahoo portal? Is there a way around this using WebViewer?
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    WebViewer is so quick, I just use the desktop version of MyYahoo rather than bothering with the mobile version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin
    WebViewer is so quick, I just use the desktop version of MyYahoo rather than bothering with the mobile version.
    True. That's why I love WebViewer. But the mobile version is optimized for the small screen, hence it is a little easier to navigate and to view. Plus, because it's tiny it's that much faster on WebViewer.
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    bumpity-bump-bump-bumpity-bump-bu...sigh...oh well. I guess I will have to suffer alone
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    It's hard to say what Yahoo is detecting. The minimum is that it's detecting the browser and possibly checking whether the IP address is a Sprint one, or something else saying that you're a sprint user. I don't have WebViewer, so I can't check, but is it possible to do more than just uncheck "Act Like MSIE"? Maybe if you could change the HTTP_USER_AGENT string to match Blazers it would work, but that depends on WebViewer having that option. I know that both Netscape/Mozilla and Opera desktop browsers have this setting.
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    Good suggestion--unfortunately I can't change the USER_AGENT string via WebViewer. Worse comes to worse I use Blazer to access Yahoo, but with Yahoo being one of the sites I access the most, it kind of defeats the purpose of buying WebViewer. Oh well...thanks for the reply!
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