I just got my Sprint Treo 600, and it seems great. I also have a Cingular cell phone, but I didn't port my Cingular wireless phone # to the T600, I just got a new phone # from Sprint. Now I obviously have 2 phone #s and 2 phones. This is partly because I wasn't sure if I would want to use the Treo as my main phone.

Now that I have the Treo, I am sure I want this to be my phone. My new Sprint # is already activated.

How complicated will it be to port my old Cingular # to my new Treo, even though my new Treo already has a phone #? Anyone been through this before? I probably will wait a few months, because I am still under Cingular contract until summer, but I am sure I will want to move my Cingular phone # over then. (I already checked, the # can be ported. Also, I have to do this because this is my business # and I can't just give it up.)