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    Since DataViz has no email support and their manul is pretty weak, I am forced to ask the group this pretty dumb question. When I send myself a little Excel file to see how it works in Sheet to Go, it opens in a word-type format. How do I get email attachments to open in the Excel "Native Format"?

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    I have a similar question about sheet to go, word to go, etc. I know it comes with the Treo and I saw a mention of ability to open attachments from email.

    I want to copy word docs & excel files to my SD card and be able to view them.

    The Dataviz software on my HP Pocket PC did this straight away. I can't seem to make it work on the Treo.

    I too, must be missing something obvious.

    Nothing in the manual, online help or DataViz website that has helped me so far (except for the hint that makes me wonder if it is only for email attachments)...

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