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    Anyone else see this? I've been checking Snapper's site regularly in case of an update on Snappermail 2.0 (IMAP support). In the last while, I can no longer access the site. No matter what page I try to visit on the site, I get a blank page with a message stating "No website is configured at this address."

    Any ideas?
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    Maybe it's down for an update?
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    Yes, the site is down. Not sure why ... hopefully has to do with adding version 2.0.
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    i just got email from support, they are just getting to work in new zealand, so we'll probably see it up soon.....

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    The good thing is that it is saying "file not found" rather than DNS error. That means that the server is still there, it just doesn't have the default web page. Hopefully, this is a sign that 2.0 may be comming to their web page.
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    Jennifer just IM'd me and stated that their webhosting folks are on the East Coast and won't be back in until the AM. They hope to have it back up by 9am ET.
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    Im trying not to get my hopes up but I WANT IMAP
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