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    I have read some of the posts regarding these two suites but can someone that is familiar with the two of them do a quick comparison? Which one is better? I would like to look at and maybe edit some of my files from my desktop (if someone emails them to me) on my Treo 600.

    Also what kind of file size can the Treo hold? I have a 128MB card in mine with it showing that I have Free Memory of 4118.45 k. Does it actually download the file such that a 2 MB file on your desktop is a 2 MB file on the Treo? Sorry if sound rather stupid but I brand new to the world of Palms.

    Thanks for you help.
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    I own Quickoffice. I seriously dislike Quickoffice.

    Purchase "Docs to Go."

    "I see dead pixels..."
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