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    I recently installed the latest version of ZLauncher, and find that I can no longer directly launch either my already-installed Reqwireless Webviewer or E-Mail Viewer, which have individual application icons. Instead, I have to go to the MidletHQ icon, and launch them from there. Any suggestions on how to fix this -- when I click on either of my Reqwireless icons, nothing happens. If I hold the stylus or button down long enough, the menu comes up with the "Launch" option, but when I choose it, again nothing happens. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    I seemed to have solved half my problem -- I installed the new version 3.5.2 of Req. Webviewer, and I can now launch that directly using ZLauncher. However, I am still having the problem with Req. E-Mailviewer, which I deleted and reinstalled (the version is the same, 3.0). Again, any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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    I've been using WebViewer with ZLauncher ever since people started mentioning the existence of WebViewer on this board. Never had a problem with it.

    You may want to try completely deinstalling the JVM (btw, which version of the JVM are you using?), then install the JVM (make sure it's the production version), and then install the apps again.

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