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    As I upgrade from Treo180 to Treo600, I want a strategy that will allow me to go back and use the Treo180 ONLY on the days when the Treo600 is dead and being repaired. I will ONLY use one PDA to sync to my Desktop on a given day.

    Any suggestions or resources on the strategy for upgrading from Treo180 to Treo600 that will allow me the flexibility to go back and use the old Treo180 easily?

    Thank you.
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    easy ...
    use the same desktop conduit
    then just sync whenever the other one is down ...

    hardreset treo180
    sync with your current username
    send treo600 for repair ..

    when treo600 comes back ....

    sync treo180
    hard reset treo600 (obviously already hard reset upon recieved a refurbished unit)
    sycn with palm desktop
    use current username


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