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    It appears as though when I try to enter a URL to go to a web site, my Treo crashes. I have entered the URL with the keyboard, Grafitti and even pasted it from a memo pad copy - it always crashes. I had set up some Favorite buttons for web links and they work fine. Do I have something set up wrong or is there a work around? Has someone else had this problem?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Did you see the other thread 2 above yours with the solution to this?
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    I don't see which thread you are referring to that answers this question. But the resolution for this problem in my case was to turn OFF TextPlus for the Web application. The minute I did that, it stopped crashing.

    If there was another solution, I would be interested in knowing. But that seemed to fix my problem.

    Thanks for the alert.
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    same here, i think the textplus caused my web apps crashing. i had to turn off the text plus for web apps thus it worked again.

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