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    I know the answer is out there, could someone help me with this? I am trying to figure out what ringtone manager is compatible with the Treo 600. Ringo and TCRinger and others are only good with the Treo 300 and below. I am using Lightwav, but I cant get my MP3s and WAVs to be converted to system ringers and I would love to make my own tones like you could in Ringo. Is there a program like this for the treo 600? I just want all my ringtones in one place where I can manage, convert, create and edit. THANKS!
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    I see 34 people have read my question, but without reply... is there really no answer to this problem out there? Does anyone else have this same issue? There's gotta be a solution, but maybe that's just my internal optimist speaking...
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    What do you mean by you can't get Lightwav to convert your MP3's and wav's to system ringers? You can't get it assigned to your contacts?

    And as far as being able to make your own ringtone on the treo 600, then there's HoHo. Cell Phone Ringtones and Palm OS System MIDI Files creator, editor, player & converter. . Check it out here
    I have to warn you, I have HoHo and want to get Lightwav because Lightwav allows you to assign MP3's and Wav's as ringers! What could be better than that.
    HoHo on the other hand only does midi's.

    Let me know if that's what you were looking for.

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