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    Anyone recently having problems retrieving their e-mails wirelessly with InboxToGo? My problems started several days ago and it's been a hit and miss situation. Dataviz sent me instructions to remove and reinstall files but I still have the same problems.

    I'm convinced it's their servers. I thought I'd get some input form those on this site before I go back to them.

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    I have the same problems. I can send, but not retrieve. Actually, once in a while a retrieval works, but only at certain times and then I have to initiate a retrieval at least 5 to 10 times before it works.

    I also believe it is their server.
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    Mine worked flawlessly yesterday and so far this morning it worked fine. So I'm sure it was/is their servers. And it's fast and not crawling. My problems of a couple of days ago were the first I've ever experience with this app. Hope this level is maintained and hope your connection improves.

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