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    Downloaded this (and I know it is beta) and gave it a try. First backup software that I have used on the Treo. Did a manual backup and that was fine. However, the automatic backup will not kick off. I have it set to 3am in the mornings and so far (3 days) it has not performed an automatic backup.

    Anyone else had any success with the auto back up feature ?


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    Ok, just tried to schedule an automatic backup and it looks like it is because I have the key guard on that is causing the problem.
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    Same problem if I put autolock on too.

    Of course I want to lock my Treo and have that security in place, but if applications like Verisafe (and the same problem for Snapper auto check) cannot run because of this then the good functions of these softwares are lost !!

    What are other people doing ? Do you turn off key guard and auto lock ?

    Any help muchly appreciated :-)
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    Your problem is with the way those programs are written. The software can be programed to run even if the phone is locked. For example, I use Bob's Alarm and when it goes off in the morning when my phone is locked (I set the phone to lock after 3 hours of no use). Bob's alarm still works in that situation--the alarm goes off, I unlock the phone, then turn off the alarm.

    You should contact the developers of Verisafe and Snappermail and have them fix the problem.
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    I have informed the developers of Verisafe and they said they would look into this problem.

    Will do the same for Snappermail.

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    I've been contacted by pdaapps with an update. It now runs with the keyguard enabled. :-)

    But, the screen stays on after the backup completes. :-(
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