Like everyone else, I've was plagued by the "feature" where the phone automatically would be answered as you were taking it out of the case. Searching the forum, I found 4 programs that appear to solve the problem (Treo Allegro, PhoneGuard, TreoButler, and DAAK), and am currently using Treo Alegro which works fine for phone calls.

The problem I see is that after a phone call comes in, the phone stays for a bit (I'm guessing for how long you have auto-off feature set to, which I have 2 minutes). If a voicemail comes in (and maybe sms too...haven't tested that), keyguard isn't activated. Pressing space bar will dismiss the voice mail received dialog box, which might mean I miss the fact I have a voice mail (I use TreoAlertMgr to remind me I have a voice mail).

Reading the descriptions, those 4 programs appear to only work with an incoming call, no other times (like voicemail received or sms received). Any programs or way to be able to prevent those from having "ok" accidentally pressed?

Obviously not as big a deal as accidentally answering a call, but it'd be a nice thing to fix if I could.

Thanx in advance!